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5 Funny Australian Political Cartoons

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Why We Love Funny Political Cartoons Political cartoons are a great way to poke fun at some of our most important political issues. They help to relieve the stress associated with problems at home and abroad, and aid us in educating ourselves about…


Election – It’s Your Thing To Do!


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5 Most Popular Australian Prime Ministers Ever

John Howard Attends Liberal Party Federal Council

Prime Ministers Australians have liked For some politicians getting into power is not about popularity it is about having the opportunity to govern their country. Of course in liberal democracies such as Australia politicians have to be at least popular enough for the…


Similarities Between Australian and British Political Systems


Australians inherit part of the British political system It is not really a surprise that there are similarities between the Australian political system and the older British political system. To begin Australia is a former British colony and remains part of the Commonwealth…